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We asked woman to inform us about most of the times they’ve cheated on dudes, and just why

We asked woman to inform us about most of the times they’ve cheated on dudes, and just why

‘This man was hotter that is just waaaaay’

Therefore I’ve cheated on every guy I’ve ever dated and don’t have the minimum bit sorry. But every right time i tell some one that, they have all guarded, uncertain of things to say since we are interacting IRL as well as can’t simply reprimand me personally by calling me personally a whore within my Instagram commentary or any.

Until you’re in a available or relationship that is polyamorous individuals see cheating being a breach of trust — perhaps not that you can easily actually cheat in a available or poly relationship — and immediately distrust anybody (particularly girls) they have found out about performing this. They call you “undatable, ” “too gross to bang, ” or “sad and lonely. “

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Nevertheless the only undatable, unfortunate, lonely fucks we see would be the guys we are all busy cheating on.

Hoes on right right here crying bout they boyfriend just 24/7 damn bitch cheat on him


I became incredibly unhappy in another of my relationships, but he had been a loser thus I felt bad splitting up with him.

Anyhow, we wound up resting having a guy that is hot visited college with also it felt amazing. We went house the overnight, kicked my boyfriend away and told him We cheated. I am essentially a person that is terrible.

As soon as I happened to be dating this person and I also had been frustrated at him because our relationship ended up being kinda fizzling away. The guy was seen by me i had split up with previous within the semester at a frat darty, and simply started making away with him in public places. We went upstairs along with non-safe sex in the family room, after which we went back into my other man.